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Lever-ball float steam trap

Features / Property
1,It uses the new type valve structure (new SCCV closure way) and has excellent sealing ability and durability.
2,Balance double valve seat design, small but the displacement is bigger than the common steam trap, can display the superiority especially in the big displacement situation.
3,Its interior installs bimetal elements automatic air release valve that can prevent the air block and the steam block.
4,All the parts install on the valve bonnet so that the valve can maintain conveniently without uninstall from tubing. 

Working principle
This valve use double valve hole to reduce the pressure of core when opening and reach the great displacement. The float ball fluctuates along with the change of fluid level when working so that the lever open or close the seat. It has no steam leakage for the valve seat hole locates below the condensate water level and forms water sealing, the water and steam separately.

steam equipment , high pressure sterilization, air condition equipment, heat exchanger and so on.It widely uses in petroleum, chemical industry, food, papermaking, metallurgy etc. of large


Installment and instructions:
1¡¢The pipeline of the free-ball float steam trap must be cleaned before installation in order to get rid of the rubbish.
2¡¢The trap should be horizontal installed, the pipeline before trap should toward a little downgrade of trap lest steam locked. The flow direction in the body should be same as the condensate water in the pipeline.
3¡¢ When installed, the valve should be approach to heat-supply equipment, the diameter of pipeline should larger than the nominal diameter of this valve.
4¡¢This valve should be installed in the end and the lowest in the steam pipeline.
5¡¢ In the wholly device, each equipment install trap to drain condensate water separately lest bringing steam block and affect the heat up purpose ,
6¡¢If there has a long time to stop transfer steam, the seeper in the trap body should be draned from the bore of bottom.
7¡¢For the front and back of trap should be installed with valve. It¡¯s better with gate valve so that using it when repairing the trap.

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