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Plug valve

the plug valve is a necessary part that is utilized on the high pressure manifold for the cementing and fracturing operations in oil field and also suitable to control over the similar high pressure fluid. Featuring the compact structure, easy maintenance, small torque, rapid opening and easy operation, the plug valve is ideal for the cementing and fracturing manifolds.
Working Principles and Features
The plug valve consists of the valve body, plug cap, plug and etc.
The plug valve is available with the union 1502 inlet and outlet preparations (also available upon customer request). The cylinder body inner wall and side segments work together with the rubber seal segments to provide sealing.
The metal-to-metal sealing is available between the side segments and cylinder plug, featuring high precision and reliability.
Note: the valve can be easily opened or closed even under the 10000psi high pressure.
Operating Instructions
Fill the clearance between the body and side segments with grease prior to use.
Perform hydrostatic tests prior to use to make sure that no leakage occurs.
Check if the valve position is in line with the mark and rotate the plug cap 90 degree to see if the plug valve can be operated freely.
The regular and timely maintenance can prolong the service life of the plug valve.
Clean and grease the plug valve timely after it stops working.
All seals shall be checked for damage at specified intervals and the damaged shall be replaced immediately.
If the sealing between the plug and side segments fails, they shall be disassembled and checked timely. If the sealing surface is found to be defective, it shall be polished.

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