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Hydraulic Gate Valve

About this product:


Drilling rig BOP control system and manifold



-Rising stem is pressure balanced by a tail rod to

  prevent a fluid lock from forming in valve cavity

-Less  than  1,500  psi  hydraulic  pressure  will

 operate  any  ‘Better’ valve, even under the most

 adverse conditions

-Piston stops against cylinder head or bonnet, so

 there  is  never excessive stress in the stem or

 the gate

-Handwheel  operated  manual  override  can  be                    

 used to  close  a  ‘Better’  valve if hydraulic power is                 

 lost, or to lock  the valve in  closed position. It

 cannot be used to open  the valve               

-The manual  override  can  be  operated  with  full

 working  pressure in the line and can be added or

 remove while the valve is in service.��


Size: 2-1/16” thru 4-1/16”

Working Pressure: 3,000 thru 20,000 psi

Temp: - 60°C to 121°C (K,U)

Trim: AA thru FF

PSL: 1 thru 4

PR: 1 thru 2

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